How to Keep in touch with your Customers life long?

Have you ever noticed that you have dealt with the client for a long time and one day you found that he is not in that job position anymore? The relationship you have developed with the person is gone forever. Unless he is willingly contracting for some reason.

The industry standard says that an average employee changes his position every four years. The business cards you have obtained with company phone numbers and email are of no use.

As you know he may be your potential client in his new position as well. But you don’t have access to his personal numbers, and he has been using his company phones and email in his previous position.

In this situation, there is a simple solution…

Whenever you meet a new client, inform them that you will be sending LinkedIn Request and that is it okay for him to accept it. If he says yes, your job is done.

Do you know something, when people change jobs, they may change their mobile and official email ids but their LinkedIn profile remains the same. You can message them and get connected any time. Also, LinkedIn is a more welcoming platform for business connections compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Here are a few things you can do for the people you already know

1. Check in LinkedIn regularly and make connections with the people who may know

2. Always keep it a practice to connect them instantly with LinkedIn as soon as you meet

3. You can choose to contact me at any time through LinkedIn messaging.

4. Check LinkedIn regularly and make connections to people who are in your target market along with people you may know

You will be sufficiently growing your LinkedIn connections this and with periodic postings, you can nurture them and start generating leads as well.

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